Forever Young
5 colours that never go out of style

For every flash-in-the-pan marsala-moment, there is a colour like blue that is timeless and will never go out of fashion. Bright or muted, shiny or matte; these colours are such that you’ve never had and never will get bored of. So put aside your mints & fluorescents, and stock up on your all-time favourites! Here are five colours that will never go out of fashion.


Maybe it’s disneyesque, but nothing portrays feminine beauty as strongly as a pink dreamy, lacy dress. In this day and age (where even men wear pink), this girly colour doesn’t necessarily have to evoke images of princesses and candy floss. You can always sass it up with trainer shoes, leather jacket or other grunge accessories. But it goes without saying, that a pretty pink pajama set is a must-have in every girl’s wardrobe!

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If there’s one style hack that will never-ever let you down when it comes to your wardrobe, it’s the colour black! Your LBD (little black dress) or your black leggings have probably stood the test of time and has saved you from numerous i-don’t-have-anything-to-wear nights. Whether it’s an all-black ensemble, or a black top with your fave jeans; with ebonies you can be sure that you will never be overdressed or underdressed. Plus, it makes you look fabulously slim!

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Blue is probably the only colour that cuts through not only age, gender and time, but also individual preference and mood. A universal favourite colour, blue is the coolest of cool, and somehow it’s never a bad day to wear blue. Whether it’s a bad morning, lazy afternoon or a dreamy evening, you can trust blue to make you calm and make you look good!

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We all have colours that we are drawn to, and some that we aren’t, and then some that we really like but can’t wear ‘em ‘coz it doesn’t suit well. Well, the colour red is probably one of them. While red outfits may not suit everyone, but red lingerie definitely does! A must-have in every girl’s wardrobe, this eternal colour of love, power and passion, should be owned in every type of lingerie for a confident you!

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A colour that looks as fresh and current as it did in decades past, yellow is another hue that will never be dated. Always a happy colour to wear, you can trust yellow to make you look like a ray of sunshine and make people notice you wherever you go. The colour of spring and optimism, this summer inject your wardrobe with a pop of citrus or canary!

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