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Fun things to do when you’re single!

You might feel like throwing stones at Mr Cupid for not hooking you up yet (C’mas/ New Year’s is not far away); but believe us or not, being single is an opportunity – and a good one at that. You’re not going to stay single for all your life. So while you are living the ‘no strings attached’ life, make the most of it, and ‘doll up’ accordingly. Here’s how:

Have an all-night party with other single friends:

Organise a party where only singles are allowed. Order pizzas and finger food and make sure you’ve plenty of alcohol in stock. Of course, you don’t have to go overboard like those ‘Hangover’ guys, but being single is the right time to enjoy carefree nights… when you don’t have to answer to anyone about who were you with, what were you doing, what time you reached home… etc etc. Style tips: When it’s a house party you want to be both stylish and comfortable. Well, nothing fits the bill more than a romper. These one-piece wonders are not only easy and effortless, but it also scores 10 on 10 on style.

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Ask a random person out on a date:

You’ll never get this opportunity once you’re hitched. If you’re sitting at a café and you see an interesting person, just go up to him and have a casual chat. Life is short, you know! Style tips: When single, make it a rule to look hot wherever you go. For you never know who’s checking you out, or who you bump into. Sexy & stylish, our fit-and-flare dresses are perfect for work or play. From blazing yellows to bombshell reds they come in a variety of colours, and in all sizes.

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Indulge in ‘ Sexy me-time’:

Once you’re in a relationship, ‘me time’ will almost go out of the window. From talking to him before going to bed to spending all your time with him over the weekend, you’ll be left with little or no quality time with yourself. So enjoy that solitary time while you can. Style tips: When it’s about sexy me-time, indulgence should come in the form of satin, lace & sheerness! And can anything be more sexy than our collection of babydolls and satin short chemises? Light some scented candles, put on some music or read your fave book and enjoy your single ‘luxe’ nights with these beauties…

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Go on a Himalayan trek, go to Bangkok for shopping, go to Goa to party; do something new and exciting. Because once the Cupid strikes you, you’ll have to keep in mind his likings, his schedule etc etc. As long as you are single, you’re the master of your own domain. So pick a place on the map and scoot! Style tips: For planned or impromptu outings – hills, beaches or cities – you need to keep at least one signature outfit ready so you’re not scampering at the last minute. Invest in a classic black bikini for a beach getaway, a red-hot dress for a city getaway and a cool pair of striped-leggings for a weekend in the hills.

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