Eating out and keeping it healthy
Go out, eat out
Healthy Eating

To eat out or not to eat out? Worried about ruining your diet? Not to worry! Grab that sexy dress, new heels, and these 5 tips on keeping it healthy and light up your taste buds tension free!

1. Go Green Share a tasty non-boring salad (the kind with bacon bits and cheese and olives) with the table or a friend as a way of avoiding greasy appetizers. Or with the main meal make sure to get a vegetable dish to go with the other exciting stuff. This will make sure you distribute your appetite fairly and healthily. 2. Grilled not Fried Yes we love fish and chips, the deep-fried kind. But you’d be surprised at how close the grilled fish gets to the fried in flavor, all without the dreadful acidity. Grilled meat/paneer/vegetables – woohoo! 3. Roti not Naan Avoid the grease and extra carbs. Either way you won’t taste the difference of the bread when you’re eating that yummy chicken curry. 4. Look and Plan When all the food gets to the table take a minute to just look around and check out what you feel like completely gorging on (yes we’re looking at you, chicken kebabs). Then make a plan. Decide how much is a decent amount to consume. Your decision can look something like this – 1 roti ( 2 halves), 5 pieces paneer, 2 kebabs. Or only 2 helpings of biryani. You get the gist. A little planning can help you stay in control and avoid overeating. 5. Take it Home Don’t be shy of doggie bags. Too much food? You don’t have finish it now – instead you can enjoy this yummy goodness again, tomorrow!   Do you have a few tips that you use? Recommendations for healthy joints? Or do you have a favorite thing that you just can’t get enough of? (Chocolate cake, it’s like cryptonite!!). Share below!