Bra Washing Tips
Delicate Care
Washing your bras

Hate saying goodbye? What about parting with something that’s been there for you whenever you need, been supportive, given you it’s best years, taken care of bumps and slips…

Yes we’re talking about saying so long to your favorite partner, bras.  Bras are very delicate and sensitive, despite them telling you otherwise. The washing process can be quite damaging. Are you doing everything you can to keep your favorites well and healthy?

Fear not, we made a list of the to-dos to increase the lifespans of your delicates.
  1. How Often? How often you wash your bra depends on your level of activity. We recommend washing your bra after wearing it twice. However if you live in a warm climate or are very active you should wash your bra every day. Sports bras too should be washed everyday because sweat can damage the fabric. Soaking bras in cold water help them retain elasticity.
  2. How to Wash Hand wash your bras. Especially anything with an underwire, lace, embroidered mesh, or other embellishments. Gentle soap and cold water helps prolong bra life. If you can’t handwash and have to use the washing machine:
    i. Set on the gentlest cycle
    ii. Put your lingerie in a lingerie bag, preferable mesh (to avoid them getting entangled with your clothes)
    iii. Close the clasps to avoid the hooks catching onto anything, and twisting which would deform the underwire
    iv. Use extra gentle soap and make sure to avoid bleach. Some even recommend using baby shampoo!
    v. Wash whites and colors separately. The material that bras are made of are extra sensitive to dyes from other clothes and more likely to pick up the color.
    vi. Hang dry. No matter how you choose to wash your bras, hand drying is an absolute must. The heat from dryers can deform the underwire and the tumble can lead to greater wear and tear. Dry them hanging by the strap or lay them flat on a towel. Make sure the cups are not inverted or twisted when they dry.
Do you have a recommendation that we missed? Don’t get why that bra got worn and torn so soon? Leave a comment below..