Dangerous Curves Ahead
A guide to Shapewear

Wearing shapewear can be life changing, trust us! All those perfect celebrities with their perfect curves that you see on the red carpet is mostly the result of man-made shapewear and not god-gifted contours! So wake up and smell the high-tech fabrics that will hide those pesky pounds and will give you curves in all the right places! Here’s your must-know guide to shapewear.

Shaping Camisoles:

Cami is a one-piece bodice to shape and smoothen your upper body, flatten your abdomen and hide the not-so-lovely love handles! It’s lightweight so you can wear it all day long without worrying about the cami smushing your bust.

Perfect for: Shift and A-line dresses. Along with providing full chest coverage, our slimming cami is just the right shaper for dresses and tops with deep scoop backs.

Shaping-Camisoles Products featured above: Aqua Lace Dress|Grey Floral Torso Slimming Cami

Hip and Thigh Shaper:

Hip and Thigh covers are like the biker-shorts version of the shapewear that stay put underneath any outfit. This shaper flattens and sculpts waist, thigh, hips and will make you look slimmer in seconds. And yes, did we mention it will also help perk up your booty? Wink.

Perfect for: Slim-fitting skirts and bodycon dresses. Our stretchable fabric will smooth out the unwanted lumps and bumps and thereby boosting your confidence.

Hip-and-Thigh-Shaper Products featured above: Cobalt Side Cut Out Dress|Black Leaf Print Hip & Thigh Cover


Did you know in Victorian era (19th century) the corset was made from heavy canvas with whale bone or steel?! And that created an extreme hourglass shape by squeezing the woman’s waist to an unnaturally small size! Well, thankfully modern-day corsets are made of high-tech fabrics that will not only let you breathe, but will also give you all-day ease and comfort.

Perfect for: Body-hugging tops and dresses. Our elegant and feminine corset will perfectly sculpt your tummy and offer you a flattering coverage.

Corset Products featured above: Skin Front Open Torso Slimming Corset|Mandarin Orange Turtle Neck Lace Top

Tummy Tucker:

If you want to add a little extra definition to your waist and hips, this Tummy Tucker would be your new best friend. It’s stretchable fabric makes it as easy as putting on a panty. Since it’s a high-waist shaping brief it provides both stomach support and a bit of thigh slimming – and that makes this shaper a perfect all-rounder to wear under almost any garment.

Perfect for: Any outfit. You’ll never have to worry about looking pudgy in a fitted dress ‘coz this tummy tucker will gently contour your waist to give you a slimmer appearance.

Tummy-Tucker Products featured above: Dazzling Blue Lace Bodycon Dress|Black Rose Tummy Tucker