Cotton Crush
The “not so boring” everyday bras

American actress and model Paz de la Huerta, may have found her fetish in lingerie just like millions of women world over. The one thing that differentiates and identifies the individuality of these women is the idea of ‘sexy’.

With temperatures rising (literally) in a tropical climate in the sub- continent like ours, sexy just got a new meaning. It’s not the Nylon blended push up bras or the likes. It’s the cotton bra! The boring and monotonous undergarment just got spunkier this summer with bright and fun colors that keep the summers alive and skin breathing! It is no unknown fact that cotton is the fabric of summer! Coco Chanel may have quoted saying she doesn’t wear bras and one might think it is ideal to go braless this season, but wearing light cotton undergarments always help stay more comfortable and cool. A common misconception about such bras is that they offer no support. However, this has been proved wrong with the fashion changes of recent times. PrettySecrets has been the first to identify this trend with the launch of the comfy fit bras. With the scorching heat and monsoons round the corner, this new collection is the best thing that can happen to your lingerie closet! Floral prints, polka dots, pop colors and pastels mark the beginning of this fun season which is ideal to show off your sexy lingerie worn under tank tops or sheer kaftans. Cotton bras are exactly what they sound like – bras made with cotton. Some of these feature cotton only in the cups, while other bras are cotton all over. Many of today’s modern lingerie are usually blends containing some cotton but also other materials to help provide more structure and stretch resistance. The best feature about cotton bras is that they can be worn by women of all body types. This unprejudiced piece of lingerie is perfect for:
  • Women who adore comfort and find synthetic materials cause discomfort
  • Women who Women with allergies to certain materials
  • Women who prefer natural materials
So ladies, don’t hesitate to experiment with the good ol’ cotton and bring a sexy twist to your summer essential!