Colour My Personality
What your fave colour says about you!

Every girl has a favourite colour! In fact, for all we know, you probably have had one since the time you started crawling on all fours and even with your limited knowledge you could stop right in your tracks to lift your tiny li’l chubby hand and point towards the sky exclaiming “blue”! Yes, almost everyone has a favorite colour. And believe it or not, that gives a peek into your personality. So what does your favourite colour say about you? Curious to know? Well, read on!


Black: You’re independent and strong-willed, ‘coz black usually signifies power. While that means you’re focussed and have got your head on your shoulders, it also indicates that you’re bit of a control-freak! And that prevents you from sharing your feelings with others, possibly out of fear or mistrust. When it comes to work, you’re methodical and quite ruthless. In fact, finding mistakes in others can actually give you a sadistic pleasure – little devil that you are!

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Red: Love, rage, courage, passion, aggression; if you love red, you own these characteristics. Just like you own any room you walk into. You’re energetic, action-oriented, and of course, you more often than not love to be the centre of attention. You’re extremely competitive, so much so that you would take even the second place as a slap on your face. Girl, all we would like to tell you is learn to keep those flare-ups in check!

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Green: Feeling safe and secure, to love and be loved – that’s your thing. You’re down-to-earth, have high moral standards, you love nature (goes without saying), and you’re always faithful to your partner ‘coz you truly believe love and loyalty comes above everything else. And yeah, you’ve a great knack for budgeting and handling your finances. So if you aren’t already rich, you’re getting there for sure!

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Blue: Emotional – that describes you in a nutshell. You’re like the ocean, usually calm and serene, but have your moments of unpredictable mood swings from time to time. Although you yourself are quite trustworthy, you take your own sweet time to trust others. You’re stubborn but spiritual, you’re friendly but also shrewd, and although you won’t like to admit you suffer from a bit of OCD, you’re a cleanliness freak!

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Yellow: Always the one to look at the sunny side of life, no wonder your friends call you ‘Little Miss Sunshine’. You’re creative, you can express easily, be it your opinions or emotions. And that quality makes you a good leader along with your ability to make decisions logically and methodically. Being an extrovert, networking and getting information out of others comes easily to you. All you need is a little control on your impulsiveness.

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Pink: You’re the definition of kindness, optimism and all things pretty. That’s either because you’ve lived a very sheltered life or you’ve chosen to believe in innocence. You always try to see the best in others and that can prompt people to take undue advantage of you. So while it’s good to be compassionate and generous, make sure that you don’t turn into a pushover.

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