Bring in 2015 – 5 Fashion Resolutions

We all know what the New Year brings… Resolutions, and an overwhelming pressure to keep them. Resolutions are like diets; they never work! We set ourselves up for failure followed by guilt when we really could avoid the whole thing. Instead of waiting for a “certain date” to do something, just do it when you think of it, or soon after. Then it becomes something you just do rather than a big serious impending responsibility that you just want to run from.

So since we’re talking about Fashion Resolutions here, let’s try to make this little list of goals into fun activities that become a part of who we are.

Right size in lingerie
What is it about bras? Considering that the vast majority of the female population wears one on a daily basis it is surprising how many women haven’t nailed finding the right one. Many women don’t know how a bra should fit and therefore don’t even know that they wearing the wrong size.

Wearing the correct bra size can do a lot more than lifting your bust. When you slip on that perfectly fitting bra you will see much more of a flattering silhouette, your waist will be accentuated and your confidence boosted too.

Indeed the right bra is worth its weight in gold so how do you know if yours isn’t up to scratch? There are several ways to tell if your bra is fitting correctly and a good bra fitter can explain how to do this. We advise a professional fitting at least every six months and with most lingerie departments offering a free service it is hassle-free and an easy way to try new sizes and shapes.

However, if you are doing it alone then it’s worth remembering the following rule; As the cup size on a bra changes it does not affect the back size however as the back size increase/decreases the cup size gets proportionally larger or smaller. So if you find that you need to go down a back size you will probably need to go up a cup size to get a good fit.

Just donate it!
We tend to get in a rut and cycle through our favourite 20 outfits instead of wearing the rest of the stuff! So clean out and reorganize your closet on a regular basis; make an effort to wear everything in your closet or else donate it.

I know whenever we try to go through it to get rid of some stuff, find ourselves wanting to keep everything. But you would finally realize while cleaning out your closet that a handful of “new” outfits just waiting to be worn. Sometimes it’s as simple as hanging two items next to each other. You may have never thought to pair them together until you visually see them side by side, then voila! New outfit!

So this is the new rule to most of the women out there that have this problem, “Wear it or its out!”

Quality over Quantity
Keep this mantra in mind – Buy Less, Spend more! Buy fewer overall items and invest in quality wardrobe staples. Choosing pieces that will last for years to come not only because of their quality but because they are a timeless and classic style will not only guarantee you’ll always have the perfect thing to wear on hand, but it will save you money in the end.

I know it’s hard to resist buying tons of cheap items on a whim, but rather have less in the closet and more pieces that you truly love and can wear for years to come.

Stop impulse buying!
You know, we all have this problem. Whenever you are at your favourite shopping store, there would be at least one item that you bought just because it spoke to you and you never worn them.

Think Before You Buy – Online shopping actually helps to buy more responsibly because it gives you time to really look at all other options and compare prices as well as look in the closet to see if you have already own something similar.

Never say Never
Don’t shy away to try something different in fashion. Denim on denim, big hair, blue eye shadow, etc., etc. and so on and so forth! It all comes back in style, and who can resist fun trends?

So be more fearless with colours and prints! It is just too tempting to get a basic hue (like black or grey jeans) and throw a colour on top of it. We always tend to steer toward neutral and black, but seeing someone rocking a chic print may make you think, ‘I should wear something like that!’.

This year try colour combos, like a combination of primary colours or combine different patterns in the same outfit. For sure a little more work to get ready, but a more fun outfit as a result.