Bridal  Lingerie: Buying Guide by PrettySecrets
Bride Guide
The Big Day(s)

Boy? Check. Love? Check. Invitations? Check. Wedding planner. Locations. Catering? Triple check. And best of all, Wedding Outfits? Big Check. Lingerie?…umm?PrettySecrets to the rescue!!

Without fail, everyone at the party is always mesmerized by the bride’s wedding outfit… and the cameraman with his handheld spotlight makes sure of it. All eyes will be on you, as they should be because you’ll be looking BEAUTIFUL! And your exquisite lehenga will have all the girls “ooo”ing and “aah”ing. In the middle of all this attention is not the time you want to be worried about lingerie. Like your bra strap getting loose while your dancing. Or an uncomfortable underwire when you’ve just started your mehendi. Or a visible panty line under your evening gown… Get your lingerie to complement the evening and not stress you out by doing the following… 1. Buy your lingerie ahead of time and try it on with your outfits 2. Make sure you are comfortable. That is most important. After you put on your lingerie, you should not have to give it a second thought 3. Make sure shoulder and back straps are not showing (Opt for either convertible/strapless bras or if you’re a small cup size you can also go for a skin free bra which doesn’t have any straps or bands because the cups just stick to your skin. The lack of band limits support therefore only A and B cups should go for this.) 4. Buy separate lingerie for each function. You won’t have time to wash anything 5. Don’t forget to flaunt it– the clothes make you look good, not the other way around. So if you’re wearing a low cut blouse, wear a push up bra or a demi bra 6. For tighter, fitted dresses invest in some shapewear. It’s going to be a long night – you don’t want to worry about the occasional bulge 7. Wear seamless panties for all events 8. But don’t forget, it is your wedding! So make sure your lingerie makes you feel pretty too! If you can go for some lacy lingerie to keep you feeling sexy all night. Finally, congratulations and we hope you have the most beautiful wedding ever imagined <3   Did this help? Did we miss something? Or is there something else you’d like us to talk about as well? Let us know below…