Bridal makeup tips and tricks
to get that glowing look

Planning your outfit, jewellery, lingerie and shoes are some of the essentials to-do things on your wedding list. But probably the key part is your wedding makeup. After all, you will be the centre of attention and would love to have your family, friends and guests admire your beauty. Whether you are doing your makeup yourself or hiring a makeup artist, here are some quick and simple tips to get that flawless look on your D-day.

Choosing a good makeup artist: When selecting a wedding makeup artist, make sure that he is comfortable with customizing the makeup according to your face, wedding location and time. He should be used to working with different tones and shades and working according to different light settings. Always ask for a small trial so that you know what you are going in for and can discuss the makeup accordingly. If you are doing your own makeup, practice for a couple of days and click some pictures so that there is no chaos on the wedding day.

Dress & personality: Your makeup should reflect your outfit and personal style. You need to look good but having a pancake of makeup on will end up making you look anything but you. Experimenting drastically with your look might end up making you feel uncomfortable. If you are more outgoing and sexy, play with bold colours, coloured eyeshadows and deep red lipsticks. For the more shy and reserved ones, pink, peaches and neutral tones look the best.

Skin tone: Your makeup should complement the colour of your skin tone. The idea is to highlight your best features and conceal some to give a flawless and radiant look. After all, everyone is going to be looking at you. If you are fair, bright reds and oranges will really help enhance the colour of your skin. For olive skinned women, choosing a good foundation is the key. Deep reds and maroons are great colours.

Wedding location and time of day: The colour palette that you pick will really depend upon the location & time of the wedding. If you are having a beach, outdoors or day wedding, opt for a more natural look with pinkish and peachy tones. With those having a ballroom or evening wedding, colours liked red, copper & smoky eyes work really well.

A few other tricks:

  • Wearing a darker eyeliner and mascara than usual really helps your eyes stand out in pictures. Play with eyeshadows. Start with a darker shade on the exterior of your eyelids and then move onto a lighter shade to highlight those beautiful eyes.
  • Never skip on the primer. A primer is a very essential step before you start applying foundation. It helps even out skin tone and serves as a great base for long lasting makeup. You will definitely need your makeup to last through all the dancing, eating and crying.
  • Apply a little more makeup than usual as all the heavy lighting will definitely tone down your makeup.
  • Don’t use a lip liner that is darker than your lipstick or lipgloss. This gives a very harsh and uneven look.
  • Always carry your wedding dress or a picture or a fabric swatch for the trial makeup. This will help the artist understand the colours and help you plan and decide your look accordingly.