Boring Panties= A big NO
5 reasons why you should say no to boring panties!

Is it fair that we own fancy bras but boring, pale panties? Just how fashion breathes in and out of every season, it is important to change the staples of your wardrobe, and when you do that with your clothes, why not do the same with your panties? Your booty deserves some fancy pampering afterall! Here’s why you need to decode the panty affair and embrace this new year in fun & dramatic panties!

No basic blues:

Our hipster panties are classy with the right amount of naughty!Being a colourful mesh of polka dots complimented by butterflies and stripes, they will make you feel anything but basic! Wear them if you’re running late, or also to brighten up a ‘bluetiful’ day, they are sure to bring the hippy vibes out of you.

No Basics Product featured above: Flattering Black Polka Invisi-Hipster|Sexy Berry Invisi-Hipster

You deserve lace:

Be it fall or summer, a special occasion or a boring phase, there is no season to wear lace. It not only glams up your wardrobe but also yells out FASHION! From beauty to naughty, these lacy panties are a must – have for every girl!

Lace Product featured above: Aqua, Fuchsia & Lilac “Forever Ombre” Lacy Hipster (Pack Of 3)|Radiant Purple Lacy Thong

Teasy Thongs:

Nothing haunts us like the ‘thongs’ we didn’t buy! Making one feel sensual & sexy, thongs are something every girl should own! If you want to break the cliched, they should be on the top of your lingerie style-check list. The secret about them is, they never fail to make you feel fabulous!

No Basics Product featured above: Green, Pink & Orange “Racy Lacy” Lace G-String Panty (Pack Of 3)|Purple, Pink & Green “Candy Love” Cotton G-String Panty (Pack Of 3)

Cheeky business:

Who would look at a boring panty if there’s a cheeky one in the same room? Ever wanted your undercovers to match with your personality? Don’t worry, we’ve got just the cute little things you’re craving for. Our cheeky panties can reflect all your moods and make you feel more fun & vibrant. Get these panties and give your life a cheeky twist!

Cheeky Business Product featured above: “Super Girl” Bikini (Pack Of 5)|“Be Fabulous” Bikini (Pack Of 3)

Bottom’s up for more!:

Why have one, when you can have more? From cheeky to lacy, our panty packs come in all prints, fabrics and sizes. Ideal for gifting them to your friends. Choose yours and spare yourself another boring week!

Bottom's up for more! Product featured above: “Everyday Tease” Bikini (Pack Of 7)|“The Flirty” Bikini (Pack Of 5)