Lingerie for Holi | What Bra or Panty to Wear on Holi
Best Lingerie for HOLI
Hassle free water fights
Excited about HOLI? Color! Water balloons! Pichkari fight, a little snack, a little drink, and back to color color! oh no my bra’s showing!  Don’t let something like worrying about getting wet and your secrets showing get in your way. Wear the right undergarments and you’re set lead the attack in the water fight! If you wear the right lingerie then you don’t have to worry about running around, wet clothes sticking to you, revealing more than you’re comfortable with. Here are our recommendations for a stress free HOLI: 1. Nipple Stickers or Petals  Dread perky nipples? Distracting you in the middle of your water fight? Fear not, PrettySecrets nipple stickers to the rescue! You can either opt for disposable nipple stickers or preferably, silicone petals that offer both, better cover and reusability. 2. Full Cover Nude Bra  Wearing white? Skin colored lingerie offers the best cover no matter how wet you get. No matter what color clothes you wear, nude is your safest bet. And we recommend a full cover, padded and underwired bra for the best support and to avoid any spillage. Padding also provides better nipple cover than non-padded. 3. Sports Bra  If you’re a pretty hard core HOLI player you can even opt for a sports bra (white or black depending on outfit). 4. Nude Seamless Panty  Don’t want your bright colored panty shining through after you get pushed into the pool? You’ll have nothing to fear in a nude/grey panty (or a black one under black clothes). 5. Camisole No such thing as too much cover? Opt for a cami over your bra for an extra layer against HOLI madness. Again depending on color of your clothes you can go for white, nude or black. And you’re set for a hassle free HOLI! And now you can get back to color and water gun shopping…   Was this helpful? Did we miss something? Have a question? Feel free to ask below!