Beach Holiday
keeps a doctor away!

Yes, it is true. We give you few health reasons to get yourself to the beach pronto.

  • SUN
Yeah, you heard us right. Exposure to the sun causes our brain to increase production of serotonin – which is the hormone that controls our feelings of happiness and wakefulness. Dont overdo it ! Too much exposure is not good.
  • SOUL
Just lie down and hear the rhythmic and gentle rumble of rolling sea waves, and a cool ocean breeze. Doesn’t it sound destressing?
  • SAND
Walking barefoot in the sand is great for stimulating the muscles in your feet as well as working your calf muscles. The sand also massages the soles of your feet, which improves circulation.
Yes, that worn-out feeling after visiting the beach is actually a good thing! The exercise can help you fall asleep faster, as well as remain in a deeper sleep for longer. TIME TO SHOP FOR THE PERFECT SWIMWEAR It’s often quite difficult to find the perfect swimwear because we usually face difficulties like where to shop? What to shop? What would flatter your figure and yet keep it stylish. But at you will always find a huge variety of swimwear that will take care of all your problems. The Best Swimsuits for Your Body Type:
  • Small On Top

If you are small on top: Try frills, ruffles or fringes. Embellishments will pump up the volume and will create that optical illusion.

  • A Bit of a Belly

If you have a bit of a belly: Try one piece in Abstract prints. Abstract prints will distract from other unflattering curves.

  • Bigger Booty

If you have a Bigger Booty: Try bottoms with rings. Not only do rings look cute, but they keep your suit from riding up and exposing that extra junk.

  • Busty

If you are Busty: Try a V-neck with a mesh insert. This style shows just the right amount of cleavage and elongates your figure, minimizing the fullness of your breasts.

  • If you know you’re going to hit the beach the next day or have a pool party planned apply some self-tanner the night before. You will want to shower in the morning so that you are fresh, but the subtle, extra color will make you more confident.
  • Sarongs: They are versatile enough to use as a cover up for just your bottom or as a little dress for more coverage.
  • Ensure you are packed well in time as there’s nothing worse than showing up to the sand or by the pool realizing you forgot something you really needed.
  • Necessities for your beach bag: Suntan lotion, Lip Balm, Leave In Conditioner, Water Bottle, Cleansing Wipes, Hand Sanitizer, Sun glasses, Hat, Towel, Magazine or your favorite book.