Be Your Own Valentine!
6 ways to pamper yourself

Hey my gorgeous girls! Are you planning to brave it all by yourself on Valentine’s Day? What if we told you that we know your knight in shining armour? The love of your life, the eternally charming, funny, smart and gorgeous person, who is unconditionally and madly in love with you and knows all about you. Would you like to know who it is? It’s YOU your inner self.

Come on, wrap your arms around yourself, and give yourself a tight bear hug. You are amazing! What does one do with somebody they really love? You start by spending real quality time with them, right? We have put together some really cool ideas for that amazing “self-date” for this Valentine’s Day – a time you spend with just yourself. So, here it goes.

1. A short and cozy trip by yourself: One night at a nice hotel/resort. It sound a little new and offbeat, I know – and perhaps even a little weird, but that is not to say you would not enjoy it.

This may cost you a small sum, but it wouldn’t be worth to treat yourself to a luxurious weekend, would it? We advise you pamper yourself to all the facilities – gym, sauna, pool, spa, room service and the like. Feel like the queen of your heart.

2. Treat yourself to fine dining and a romantic evening: Choose the recipe for something your love would have made for you. Something you really desire and have longed to taste since some time. Get the ingredients, take out the best bottle of wine and sit in the best corner of your balcony. Enjoy the evening with yourself… pure joy, ain’t it?

3. Learn something new: Something you have always wanted to know. Go for a day long dance workshop or call up that guitar teacher home. It’s time to bring out that creative genius inside of you. Creation brings out the pure charm inside of you.

4. Splurge on a photo shoot: Oh so many of us do this anyway, so this would actually be an organized version of the thousands of pictures you normally take for one usable Facebook photo. Go clicking on your webcam or point-n –shoot camera and create something crazy and fun. Be your own stylist, photographer and pose like a pro!

5. A fancy bath: Buy the bath salts, get the candles and dim the lights. It’s time for some spoiling. After all you have worked yourself all week;it’s time to pamper yourself to the hilt.

6. Buy sexy lingerie as a treat: This is the perfect gift for you on Valentine’s Day. You get to feel loved, special and sexy. We recommend you take a break from the hustle and bustle, and take some time to think about how you would like to take your body on a treat. What would you want that would help you carry yourself with more poise and confidence during the day? What would make you feel and look sexy all day long? In order to make your work easy, we have narrowed your options to just a few – go pamper yourself now on them –