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Even though most women have an overflowing wardrobe, every morning they have nothing to wear. This is a common problem that every woman on this planet faces in spite of continuous shopping sprees. We always wonder as to how we can wear the same tees in a way that it looks brand new. We try to accessorize it differently; pair the same top with pants and sometimes with skirts and shorts. But why don’t we ever consider lingerie as a medium to style our attire differently?

Bralettes & corsets over t-shirts is an emerging trend within fashion circles. This trend is guaranteed to make you reconsider the old clothing that you thought was reserved strictly for the bedroom. Want to find out how? Here are a few tips to flaunt this trend without looking trashy.

Start with a Blank Canvas: Pair your bralette or corset with a blank tee. You can take solid coloured tees and pair it with a contrasting coloured bra. This look is all about layering. If you want to play safe, an unfussy white crew or v-neck t-shirt is the perfect blank canvas to start with for a base layer. Choose a top which has a snug fit. Let the bralette or the corset to be the focus here. Avoid sheer fabrics that can divert the focus of the look to the top. Trend-Alert-Bra-Over-Tees-1-300x198

Size Matters: Choose a proper sized bralette and corset to nail the look. Even a little divergence may make the attire trashy. Reach for your weightiest lingerie to achieve proper balance with this look. Bralettes and corsets will stand up on their own against a solid white t-shirt. Try the PrettySecrets Pink Floral Lace Black Corset for its front lace up and design gives a very delicate and a feminine look. Trend-Alert-Bralettes-Over-Tees-3-300x224

Keep It Clean: Although your modesty is completely preserved with expert layering, lingerie worn as an outerwear is a bold statement. Since the upper part of the outfit is in focus, keep the tone of the outfit very trendy by selecting modest bottoms like thin loose trousers, jeans, midis and maxi skirts. Formfitting skirts and painted-on jeans will simply look too try-hard. Select a corset adorned with detail and a fabulous print to elevate the look from sheet wear to street wear. Trend-Alert-Corsets-Over-Tees-4-300x198

The bottom line is keep it simple, keep the lingerie worn as the outerwear in focus and you are all set to rock this look. Do you love this edgy look?

Image courtesy: Image 1: stylescrapbook.com Image 2: fashionjolik.com Image 3: bardotstylefile.com.au