And that’s why I love summer!
Refresh your wardrobe

I have fun plans this summer. I will visit my grandma, eat lots and lots of mangoes and going to the park will be the best part…just taking you back in time!! The innocent days! Modest interiors, unpretentious charm, fantastic food, that’s all we were about. Time flies and life changes. Wish we never grew up. They say growing old is inevitable but who said growing up isn’t optional. It is you happy child…to your inner child that shall never die. It is to summer.

Gone are the cold gloomy winter days. Rise and shine all you chica bonitas!! It’s time for some mojitos, sangrias, lemonades and good times. Time to celebrate summer! Pack your bags and take a vacation with your loved ones or just be by yourself. Nobody loves you like YOU do! Life is too short to be anything but happy. Wear those hats and sunglasses. Let’s go to the beaches, let your skin breathe, get sun-kissed and get that lovely tan.

It’s time to refresh your wardrobe. Let’s ring in the summer with the new Spring Summer collection. Check out the exciting range of swimwear, sarongs and cover-ups available in amazing floral prints, animal prints etc. Who does not like pink? Can we ever get bored of pink? Go for the Pink Ditsy Floral print sarong with pretty prints all over that will give you the look that you desired chic and stylish yet cool ( Embrace your inner fashionista style with our naughty n’ nice floral 3 print bikini set. The sheer cover up allows you maintain the sexy look with just that little bit of modesty! prettysecrets--swim-two-piece-bikini-three-piece-set-new-arrivals-31

How exciting are summers! Add a flash of color with a dash of glamour. Let’s go younger, bolder and brighter this summer. Pamper yourself with the feathery fabrics, cotton comfort, pretty laces, pretty patterns and more. Confidence comes from within and sexy is confident. What’s sexy is our huge variety of lingerie and lingerie sets to choose from. Check out our brand new range of printed panties with cute prints all over, the silky soft cotton texture provide you the ultimate comfort that you need this season available at pocket-friendly prices in value-packs. prettysecrets--panties-value-packs-bikini-new-arrivals-31

Nighty Night! Easy-fit, light-weight, silky-soft is all you need for a good night’s sleep. Our range of satin night wear adds a little drama with varieties of short and long night dresses. Want to see fantasy turn into reality? Check out the new sexy babydolls and short chemises! These prints are all you ever wanted. prettysecrets--nightwear-lace-short-nightdress-satin-essentials-new-arrivals-31