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Sexiest ways to tie a sarong

Whether you’re lazing by the shimmering pool or gazing into the clear blue beach, one thing that keeps you looking smokin’ and sexy out of water is a sarong! Sarong – no other single piece of fabric (except maybe a scarf) is as versatile as this cover-up. They are cute, colourful, comfortable and a must-have swim staple. Wear it on your daring one-piece swimsuit or use it as a cover-up for your sexy bikini, wear it as a long skirt or tie it like a halter dress – choice is yours!

But how to choose, and how many different ways are there to tie… well, that confusion we will clear. You can experiment with several styles, but we have shortlisted the five most sexiest ones. Each style will give you a completely new look, trust us.


Halter dress style: Effortlessly chic, this is one style you ought to master. Place the sarong behind your back so that it is perpendicular to the body. Take the corners at the opposite ends of the garment, cross it, and tie a knot above the bust line. Twist the ends of the sarong a few times and then tie the final knot at the nape of the neck. And viola, you’ve got a new beach dress to flaunt!

PrettySecrets Black Purple Graphic Print Sarong Long-Skirt-Style

Long skirt style: This is the perfect and the easiest style to either wear it with your daring one-piece swimsuit or your sexy two-piece bikini. Take the material and drape it around your hips. Take the top two corners of the sarong and tie a knot. Yes, it’s that simple. It is also a great style for those who are conscious of their hips.

PrettySecrets Magenta Brick Sarong PrettySecrets Black Print Sarong Toga-Style

Toga (Greek) style: Old-world charm meets new-age elegance. This is a look you can try on your next romantic vacation. Hold the sarong horizontally and take one side of the garment and wrap it across the front of the body and tuck the end under the opposite armpit. Pull the first end up over the shoulder and tie it to the remaining end of the garment.


Strapless style: One way to show-off your flirty, feminine side is by going strapless! Holding the fabric length-wise, take the garment, wrap it around your back, cross the top two corners and tie a knot behind your back. If the length of the sarong is short, then it can also be tied in the front of your chest.


Side slit dress: If you’re a Fashionista, and you like to set trends than follow, then this style is made for you. Hold the garment vertically behind your back and then tie the top ends above your bust line. Gather the two sarong edges at waist level and tie another knot at the front. Then twist the waist knot to the side to turn it into a side slit dress.

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