A Fashionista’s Diary (Part Three)
Bloggers Spotted in PrettySecrets

From Delhi’s bling-loving fashionistas to Mumbai’s style divas, the third part of the series continues to feature young, fun and sexy bloggers who were spotted in PrettySecrets. If you love fashion and everything about it, turn to them for some serious style inspiration.

Mehak Ghai:

Mehek Ghai

For someone who lives by the rule, “Everyday is a fashion show and the world is your runway”, it’s hardly a surprise that her passion for fashion has got her 147k followers on Instagram. Through her blog she aims to give young fashion aspirants a closer insight on how one can experiment with their style and also to provide any kind of help or guidance if needed. Her fave PS: When the cool waters of the pool beckon, she would run to it but not without her favourite Black Marble ‘Tropical Vibe’ cover-up. Another PS products she swears by is our ‘Sizzling Strap’ monokini. Follow her on Instagram @mehakghai

Madhura Bhogale of ‘Be Madly’:

Madhura Bhogale

Jewelry designer by choice and a fashion addict by compulsion, this Mumbai blogger believes in doing her two bit to elevate the Indian fashion scene and to make the world a more stylish place to live in by inspiring people with her fashion stories and escapades. Webbing her fashion dream in words, her blog explores the current trends and how you can spin it as your own. Her fave PS: Madhura just absolutely loves to work up a sexy sweat in our Flattering Black ‘Energize’ workout leggings set. After all, one should exercise to look good and look good exercising! Follow her on Instagram

Naina Ruhail of ‘I speak what you love’:

Naina Ruhail

A Marketing Executive by profession and a crazy shopaholic by nature, Naina is addicted to retail therapy. Bold, bodacious, brash & beautiful , this 20-something Delhiite loves to share her interests and ideas from beauty and fashion to travel and lifestyle. She loves experimenting with her looks and is known in the social circle for her makeup skills. Her fave PS: A wild child that she is, she loves to hit the bed wearing our Moonlit Wicked Animal ‘Sleepover’ Sleepshirt

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