3 fun ways to show off your bra
3 fun ways to show off your bra
Make a style statement!

Gone are the days when showing your bra was considered trashy. Revolutionize your lingerie drawer as now, there is a lot more that you can do with it. Showing off your bra is a new fashion statement. If your bra shows off your outfit, it becomes a really important part of your look. Here are some fun and sexy ways to rock those visible bras and bra straps. Go for it!

Add a colour contrast: Pull out those sheer chiffon and lace tops from your wardrobe and pair them with pop coloured bras. Try and stay away from basic coloured bras such as white and nude. Be experimental! Wearing bright coloured lingerie can really help liven your day. For an everyday casual look, you can also wear a basic tank with a contrast bra. If your bra is going to show, make it look deliberate.

colour contrast

Show off those trims: Your lacy and embroidered bras can be perfectly paired with loose boyfriend shirts and cut out tank tops. You can also add a delicate look and pair these lace bras with your cute V-neck or oversized tanks and let the lace peek out of the neckline. Sometimes, showing a bit of lace is sexier than showing the entire bra. Team it with a pair of jeans and high heels.

show off trims

Button down: Wearing a nude or white coloured bra with a white shirt might not seem very exciting. Play with colours and prints and add a contrast with a bright coloured bra. For printed shirts, pair them with plain colours. Unbutton the top two or three buttons and show off your bra or bandeau with style. Team it with jeans, tights or shorts.

Button down

Do’s and Don’ts of showing off your bra outdoors:

  • Make sure that your bra fits well. This is really important if you want people looking at your bra. Moreover, the fitting will affect your posture and the way your clothes fit.
  • Don’t show off your everyday dirty torn bras. Avoid colours such as flesh coloured tones or nudes as they just look odd.
  • Do style it well. Try and match your bra to your top or outfit so that it looks well coordinated. If you are a beginner, start with a basic white/black bra or black lace bra before you go on to experiment with different colours.
  • Don’t wear a bra as a top. Unless, you are lazing at the beach, your bra is not a shirt or a top.
  • Sport the look with confidence. Don’t appear uncomfortable or fidget with it.
  • Wear a proper bra. Opt for full coverage bras for your sheer and lace tops. For strapless dresses and tanks, you can wear multi-way bras with embellished or fancy straps.

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