My New Year’s Lingerie Resolutions
Things to promise yourself in 2017!

To lose weight, to be happy, to exercise, to let go, to travel, to learn a new language, to do charity… we’re sure your resolution list is more or less around the same things – each year, every year. Well, this year it’s about time to add something new, something sexy. Make 2017 a yearREAD MORE

What Men REALLY Think About Lingerie

Ask most guys what they like to see on a woman, and they’ll probably joke: “Nothing!” So, while most of us have a pretty decent collection of lingerie, we have little or no idea what men really think about the sexy little things we own. Do they like it, love it, or don’t care atREAD MORE

Bloggers’ Verdict: Tried & true
Our bras are the best! Hear it from the most-glamourous fashion influencers, not us.

Booby Trap!
Bra Myths vs Facts

Let’s talk about BRAS! While we all are comfortable talking about backless dresses, mini skirts and even lacy thongs and whatnot, somehow when it comes to bras and breasts, we feel socially awkward. Well, that’s one of the main reasons it leads to myths and misconceptions. There is so much of (mis)information circulating about whatREAD MORE

Event: PrettySecrets at PopXo Mini Fest Mumbai
The highlights of the event in pics

Here’s the scoop on what happened at the event, the fun we had, the set-up that was, the favourite bloggers that we met over cupcakes, cocktails and much more at The Little Door. You might have missed it, that’s why we’ve captured the moments in pics. Take a look. Don’t miss the Boomerangs