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Sweet Dreams
Must-haves in your sleepwear closet

After a long tiring day, you just want to return home, have a relaxing warm water bath and then slip into really comfortable nightwear. In earlier times, nightwear was usually a pair of worn out shirt and pants but the concept is so much different now. Nowadays girls prefer sleepwear that is not only comfy but also fun and flirty. Sleepwear tells a lot about a girl – it’s the way she feels, her mood and her need for comfort, style and fashion.

There are so many different styles to choose from such as cute shorts and tanks, pajamas & tops/tees, romantic short nightdress, flirtatious babydolls and elegant nightgowns & wraps. You can choose any one of them depending on your mood on a particular night. All of them have their own significance and are best suited for different moods & occasions. And by occasions, I mean slumber parties, overnight camping and romantic nights. So here are some of the must-haves in your nightwear wardrobe.

Sleepshirts are super comfy and perfect for someone who tosses and turns all night – blame the phenomenon on long working hours and a restless mind!


Shorts & Tanks/tees are perfect for slumber parties, because it’s just not a sleepover but a night full of gossip, stories, fashion tips, pillow fighting and fun games. Cute shorts and tanks never go out style; they are ultra comfortable so you can lie around however you like.


Pajamas have evolved to become a well known type of slumber wear for women. They are cozy and warm. Pajamas are comfortable to sleep in as they are loose fitting and made of light weight softer materials such as cotton, silk or satin.


Short nightdress or chemise is perfect for those who want more feminine and elegant nightwear; these will always make you feel stylish and appealing. Satin nightdress is still the hot favourite for most of the women because of its smooth texture and sophisticated style.


Long Nightdress (typical nightgowns) is the traditional nightwear and is available in a variety of styles and patterns these days. Nightgowns are modest and simple, best suited to be worn when family seniors and guests are around.


Babydolls: For wedding nights, slipping into sexy lingerie may not be the newest idea but it’s always fun. We all have that special satin lingerie for romantic nights back in our closet. Babydolls are flirtatious, seductive and are a must-have in your wardrobe. They are great to spice up things with your special someone and yes, they are not only meant for wedding nights. Wear them on any night to make it special.  They come in different styles such as sheer, lacy, mesh & flyaway, so get ready to start a fire and warm up any night.


Keep Calm and Lace Up
Bring back the Corset

Corsets have gone through a considerable amount of “social perspective transition”, from shape enhancers & beauty amplifiers to restrictive impractical clothing and now formally the present day sophisticated shape-wears!

Now-a-days corsets have become more of inner beauty secrets while concurrently serving as functional clothing.

We are absolutely in love with corsets and their timeless beauty! They have this magical capability of transferring you from Plain Jane to Sexy Diva! Corsets give you a really flattering hourglass shape by pulling your waist in and shaping it.

I know you all will agree that if not worn right, corsets can turn out to be a bit of a trouble! So I am going to let you in on a little secret, “the hidden science of wearing a corset”

Firstly, pick the right size. Yes, we do want to look all toned and feel thinner than we really are but that does not mean we go and pick a size S when we really are a size M! Corsets are technically designed garments and are dimensioned according to each size. So embrace your curvy self and pick out the right one!
Check out our favorite:


Secondly, get used to your corset. The few times you wear your corset, don’t lace it too tightly and don’t wear it for too long. You should get used to it first, and lacing up with 2″ reduction will allow the corset fabric to get used to being worn without putting too much strain on it. The idea is to allow the corset to mould itself according to your body type and at the same time allow yourself to get used to it.


As Anna Held correctly and very aptly states, “To put on a corset properly is as much of an art as to make a corset properly”

So don’t forget to wear it right and pair it right. Go be the diva you are!

Happy Corseting!

Image courtesy:

  • Orange Bandage Corset: http://trustyourblood.tumblr.com/post/81506402922
  • Candy Corset: https://weheartit.com/entry/98699845

Party Clutch Essentials
What you should not miss

So, it’s the party season. I hope you guys enjoyed Thanksgiving! We are about to start on an amazing holiday and festive season filled with crazy experiences. Roll up your sleeves, fill your eyes with that naughty charm, and get your best dresses out of the closet – the party has just started.

We help you to get all the essentials in place for an amazing time with the girls. We know you are going to look amazingly hot in whatever you wear, but highly recommend that you tout only the essentials in your party clutch apart from the absolute must-haves like emergency cash, credit card, ID card , keys etc.

So go ahead and check out our list below. We will make sure you are not left alone and are better prepared for a sexy adventure that beckons you.

1. A fully charged mobile phone:
An absolute essential by all means. Not only does it keep you well informed on where the after party is planned, but also makes sure you don’t miss out any unplanned adventures that your friends plan on the spot. You are on top of your friends whereabouts, are battle ready in case of emergencies, and off course quick to hold on to that cutie’s number who just got you a martini. Go crazy with the selfies!

2. Lipstick and Chap Stick:
We are surprised by the number of women who chose to leave that amazing shade at home and rather opt to tone it down with mismatching glosses. If it looks ravishing at home, we strongly advise you bring that colour along.
Also throw in that clutch a cute little all-purpose balm that will be the moisturiser, lip balm and hand moisturiser all-rounder in your entourage. Plus it tames the unruly cuticle.

3. Travel-size perfume bottle:
Add a small travel sized perfume bottle to the clutch that will make the gentlemen swoon. Add a little tangy and spice instead of the natural perfume with something more interesting and come-close friendly. Also, just as a word of caution, go easy on it. Research states that ninety-nine percent of men would rather have their women smell a little musty than have their nostrils singed by overzealous dousing.

4. Caffeine infused face cream:
A quick tip – it’s possible to take care of those trouble spots and temporarily reduce swelling and contribute to the appearance of, say, a tighter tummy, skinnier thighs, or less puffy under-eye circles by using caffeine based products. The ingredient dehydrates fat cells, making skin appear smoother. We recommend you look and play the part to the hilt. ;)

5. Gum:
Don’t you want him to think you taste and smell good? It’s always a life saver in case you want to pucker up.

6. Roll-Up Flats:
So that you don’t miss a step while heading to the road side stall or the after party through a cobbled street. Or maybe if you’re feeling less than stable circa 3:00 a.m. Plus you wouldn’t want to be left behind when that hunk happens to walk at a brisk space. Also, wouldn’t you love to give those hellish high heels a miss the first chance you get?


7. G-String:
Well this one is for the more adventurous. We recommend carrying (if you’re not already wearing or plan to change on your way to a second party) a G-string so that an out of place seam or a line does not spoil that hot bodycon.


Image courtesy:
Roll up Flats: http://www.trendhunter.com/trends/city-slips

The Boudoir in our Stars – II
Lingerie for each Zodiac Sign

The New Year is coming, and we all are looking for ways to redefine our energies, strive for new beginnings and welcome the new world with added passion and vigor. You want to welcome the year with added confidence, self-belief and with amazing appreciation for who you are (while it never hurts if your partner agrees with you vehemently ;) ).

In this edition of The Boudoir in Our Stars we invite you to connect with your lingerie at a deeper level. We introduce the inner you to your lingerie; something that comes to you naturally and what you are inherently cut out for. While we believe this list is not exhaustive and might not be true for every woman out there, but a lot of us here can truly relate to it. We want you to go out and have fun with it!

Libra (September 23 – October 22)
The female is the Queen of her world. Demanding yet caring, amazing in all spheres of life. She commands respect, be it in the office or the bedroom. We recommend corsets, cone shaped bras, fishnet stockings and all things erotic. Add the satin and the lace with the textures. Keep your man on a tight leash (yes off course, pun intended)


Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)
This girl likes to be reserved but get her in front of her intimate partner and he won’t forget the sting. The girl enjoys corsets, chemises and packs multiple surprises for only the lucky one. We recommend adding to the arsenal of the intriguing and yet fatal seductress. Sigh, if the man just knew what hit him.


Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)
The lovely Sagittarius female, oh she is such a tease. A heart full of love, this female loves to experiment in love and life. Sexy tones of black lace lingerie bring out her confidence and the drive which she brings to everything in her life. We recommend black satin textures and fishnets for the lovely yet powerful Sagittarius. She is a keeper!


Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)
Now here is a female you don’t take for granted. The woman is serious and rightly so about all the things that matter to hear dearly. She is soft and can be the best partner for a lucky guy. She carries off whites with supreme ease and confidence. She is no “show queen” but a woman of substance and clarity. An angel descended from the heavens, she looks incarnate in white. Bow down to her.


Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)
The Aquarius cannot be charmed easily. You can’t blow her mind from bright glittery stuff and sequins. She is subtle and deep emotionally. Purple accentuates her tones and moods. Velvet brings out the softness and depth in her and indigo completes her. We recommend trying out the jeweled tones in our collection and leave all the games for later ;)


Pisces (February 19 – March 20)
The female has a weakness for all things glittery and bright. After all she is a treasure from the ocean. We highly recommend emerald, azure and all icy tones. The colors add to her instinctive nature and complement her soothing personality. Plus your man wouldn’t mind a treasure hunt at all.


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The Boudoir in our Stars – I
Lingerie for each Zodiac Sign

You are unique, enchanting and truly exceptional. Your personality has an amazing charm and you don’t shy away from spicing it a notch up every now and then. Have you ever wondered why is it that you are attracted to certain kinds of colors, textures and styles in all the things you buy? It’s because the inner you always speaks in a definite way in adding to who you are to the outside world.

Zodiac and sun signs have been guiding us for centuries. Our thoughts and actions are determined by heavenly stars. So, in our first edition we take you to choose your lingerie in perfect sync with your personality and moods. How wonderful is that?

ARIES (March 21 – April 19)
For the sensuous and fiery Aries woman we recommend red lingerie. Red brings out the fire and passion in the adventurous personality of the Aries woman. go for textures in satin to add the extra oomph and surprise your partner. We give the Aries woman a chance to let herself loose with bright red sexy lingerie. Let the games begin!


TAURUS (April 20 – May 20)
Here is the soft and charming Taurus sweetheart. We encourage you to explore floral patterns in a variety of colors just like your fragrant personality. We encourage you to explore multicolored lingerie; textured, patterned or with embroidery


GEMINI (May 21 – June 20)
Airy and easy going, the Gemini woman should let her personality exude from her inner wear as well. Why don’t you explore thongs and our wide variety of mesh/lacy lingerie? We recommend sexy peek-a-boos for the confident and self-aware Gemini woman. And we bet he will love it to the hilt!


CANCER (June 21 – July 22)
We love the Cancerian woman. The girl next door is tender, chirpy, flirtatious yet reserved. Pink accentuates her personality and adds color to her confidence ever so subtly. Pink exudes a reserved yet flirtatious look and adds the extra bit of charm. We highly recommend looking for soft textures to make your man love you all the more deeply.


Leo (July 23 – August 22)
We tread carefully but lovingly near the lioness. Ready to pounce and eat a man up. Red comes pretty close to a lioness’s personality but we recommend adding a tad more spice to the intriguing personality of a Leo woman. We recommend rare but spicy orange, bold copper, golds and dark reds. The lioness can also explore tiger and leopard prints further from her extended cat family. The lion will certainly roar in approval.


Virgo (August 23 – September 22)
Here is the earthly natural maiden descendant from the heavens. Soft, vulnerable yet confident. She stays close to her heart and drives her energies from all natural things. Brown, caramel, and dark hues of gold add that extra comfort to this nature lover. Plus the man never complains, as he is always a tad bit more inclined to all things natural ;) .


Born between September-March? You gotta wait a teeny bit more until our next edition of The Boudoir in our Stars ;-)

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Be a Trend-Setter
Explore Yourself

Even though most women have an overflowing wardrobe, every morning they have nothing to wear. This is a common problem that every woman on this planet faces in spite of continuous shopping sprees. We always wonder as to how we can wear the same tees in a way that it looks brand new. We try to accessorize it differently; pair the same top with pants and sometimes with skirts and shorts. But why don’t we ever consider lingerie as a medium to style our attire differently?

Bralettes & corsets over t-shirts is an emerging trend within fashion circles. This trend is guaranteed to make you reconsider the old clothing that you thought was reserved strictly for the bedroom. Want to find out how? Here are a few tips to flaunt this trend without looking trashy.

Start with a Blank Canvas: Pair your bralette or corset with a blank tee. You can take solid coloured tees and pair it with a contrasting coloured bra. This look is all about layering. If you want to play safe, an unfussy white crew or v-neck t-shirt is the perfect blank canvas to start with for a base layer. Choose a top which has a snug fit. Let the bralette or the corset to be the focus here. Avoid sheer fabrics that can divert the focus of the look to the top.


Size Matters: Choose a proper sized bralette and corset to nail the look. Even a little divergence may make the attire trashy. Reach for your weightiest lingerie to achieve proper balance with this look. Bralettes and corsets will stand up on their own against a solid white t-shirt. Try the PrettySecrets Pink Floral Lace Black Corset for its front lace up and design gives a very delicate and a feminine look.


Keep It Clean: Although your modesty is completely preserved with expert layering, lingerie worn as an outerwear is a bold statement. Since the upper part of the outfit is in focus, keep the tone of the outfit very trendy by selecting modest bottoms like thin loose trousers, jeans, midis and maxi skirts. Formfitting skirts and painted-on jeans will simply look too try-hard. Select a corset adorned with detail and a fabulous print to elevate the look from sheet wear to street wear.


The bottom line is keep it simple, keep the lingerie worn as the outerwear in focus and you are all set to rock this look. Do you love this edgy look?

Image courtesy:
Image 1: stylescrapbook.com
Image 2: fashionjolik.com
Image 3: bardotstylefile.com.au

How to Look Hot at the Gym?
Look fab while sweating

“We all love a hint of blush, a swipe of mascara or some lip gloss while stepping out. Afterall, we want to feel sexy and confident about ourselves. But the gym is probably not the right place to wear makeup. The sweat during your workout session might clog your pores and lead to breakouts. We all go to the gym to work on areas that we are conscious about and a problem skin is definitely not worth it.”

But there are a few other effortless ways of looking hot. Here are seven simple tricks of looking great at the gym. After all, you never know who might end up on the treadmill next to you.

Bright Sports Bra:
When you want to look good at the gym, it’s not only about the clothes you wear. A good sports bra is really important to minimize the impact on your breasts while working out. But who said that your sports bra needs to be a boring black or white? Add a bit of punk to your workout with brightly coloured sports bras such as neons, corals, etc. A bright bra draws attention to your upper body to reveal a fun, flirty side. For those who want to add that extra bit of sexiness, opt for a push up sports bra instead.

Bright coloured shoes:
Add some zing to your workout wardrobe with bright shoes. Your shoes should be fun and cheery and something that you look forward to wearing. A pop of colour like a pink, orange or lime adds a fun element to your workout gear and makes you feel sexy and confident.

Well fitted gear:
The days of wearing your old and loose clothes to the gym are over. Opt for well fitted clothes to show off your curves. A pair of black tights work really well as the colour has a slimming effect. But very tight clothes might hamper your workout. Have a good balance of well fitted clothes that are comfy as well.

No visible panty lines:
It will be great to wear tight and fitted pants to the gym but visible panty lines aren’t an option at all. Thongs are a great option for those who want to wear fitted tights.

Colourful hairbands:
Whether you have short or long hair, those little strands of hair are inevitable and are bound to come over your face while working out. Push them back with a stretchable hairband. You can use a thick cotton hairband or even a few of the thinner ones. Add some colours to your headband and get funky with them. Choose from blues, pinks, yellows and so on. Colourful headgear can really perk up your look and your workout.

Minimal makeup:
It is really essential to prep up your skin for your workout. Use a good wipe to clean your face and remove any traces of makeup. Exercising with make up can lead to bad breakouts. Avoid using foundation or any other makeup, though a good waterproof mascara is an option. It is a great way to define your eyes and avoid any smudging while working out.

The 5 Sexiest Must-Have Bras
Upgrade your wardrobe

“A friend is like a good bra: hard to find, comfortable, supportive, always lifts you up, makes you look better, never lets you down or leaves you hanging, and always close to your heart.”

We cannot agree more to the fact that a good bra is as essential as a good friend. As much as you love to hoard lingerie, are you confident enough to say that your lingerie drawer has it all and is sexy at the same time? Let us run you through the 5 sexiest must-have bras!

Nude Bra:

Nude bras are very important for any lingerie drawer. They go well with almost any outfit that you wear. But who said that the color nude bra cannot be sexy? Yes, it is a practical bra but does not need to be boring in anyway. A pretty lace or a push up nude bra can do wonders and make you feel as sexy.

Nude Bra

Seamless Bra:

Seamless bras are a must-have for all those who love to wear body hugging clothes but hate bra marks popping out. Every girl needs a no-frills bra and that’s exactly where a seamless bra steps in. But it is important to break free and add a sexy touch to your basic seamless bra. Go for fun prints like retro polkas, florals, bold animal prints, etc. This is a much needed revamp that your basic seamless bras require.

Seamless Bra

Pop of Colour:

While a lot of women prefer being safe with the basic nude, black and white colors, your lingerie drawer still needs a dash of pop colors. Add an element of fun with colors like pop pink, hot red, classic blue, vibrant purple. Pick the one you like and pair it with a semi transparent top. A great way to add a hint of fun and sexiness to your simple tops.

Pop of Colour

Multiway Bra:

We know that you love to experiment with your clothes but a common problem you face is the right kind of bra to wear underneath. Now ladies, multiway bra is a life saver for any of your sexy cut out dresses. We cannot even begin to describe how useful these bras are. You can wear it as a strapless bra, one shoulder bra, cross back or a halter bra. Add some sexy push-ups, designs, fun prints and hot colors to give a twist to your multiway bra.

Multiway Bra

Cheeky Cotton Bras:

For all the people who live in tropical region, know how hot it gets during the summers. The fabric of any clothing matters a lot. So does the material of your bra. This makes cotton bras an essential part of our must-have bras list. Cotton bras make it easy and comfortable to move around, daylong in the hot summer days. You can have all of this and yet make it sexy. How? Add some hot hues to these boring everyday cotton bras.

Multiway Bra

Rouge & Lingerie
Match your lingerie and lipstick!

So girls, it’s the festive season and all of you are out doing what you love the most – shopping! Makes us think how we can add to the ideas to help you shop for that just amazingly gorgeous look. Lipstick and lingerie are always any girls two most favorite things to shop. Somehow both have an amazing ability to uplift moods and come to the rescue if you are ever having a bad hair day or if the hormones are creating havoc on your moods.

Two things can quickly fix that – new lingerie and new lipstick. Why not buy both? As they say, it’s easier to have a good time once one is in an amazing mood. We bring to you exciting options that you can explore for amazing effects on your mood and confidence. Below are a few exciting lipstick/lingerie combos that will surely get you back in the mood.

Black Lingerie:
You don’t wear black unless you want someone to see it and you don’t wear bold lipstick unless you want someone to notice those lips. This gives an exciting combo. Match your bright pinks with black innerwear to add the extra oomph. The added naughtiness intrigues whoever looks at you when you show off your exciting side. We recommend a hot shade of pink to go with an exciting inner in black.


Red Lingerie:
The glamour associated with the color red, makes it the classic of all lingerie shades. Red is an ultimate ‘provocative’ color. It gets you back to your natural instincts and brings out the aggressive and confidence in you. Nothing works as good as red satin, silk or chiffon lingerie. How great would it be if this combination is enhanced by your lips? Yes, you got it right! Go plain and simple on your lips to add that extra package of sexiness inside. We recommend going naked on the lips to add to the natural sizzling look.


Leopard prints:
Leopard prints and bright reds bring out your wild sexy side. We recommend this combination for the “sexy and I know it” woman in you. The bright red accentuates the wildness inside you and completes your look. Pairing these two together bring forward your image and the added confidence in yourself that you radiate. Plus your man would love you for it! ;) Use this combination to throw ‘sexy’ on someone’s face. This is truly a match made in heaven…err the jungle.


White Lingerie:
Whether you go for the casual look or show off your stylish-yet-soft look, white is the all-weather friend in lingerie. Ladies, bring out the black sheets to surprise someone with the intriguing contrast. However we recommend staying away from contrasts on the face for this one. Go for lighter shades like crème, soft pink to complete the simple girl next door look. They would all know you love to show off your simple side with style.


Nude Lingerie:
There’s one color in lingerie that’s always overlooked – nude. Let them guess whether it’s on or off and add to the style with something bold on your lips. The lingerie adds to the “barely there” effect and we highly recommend these colors. Choose on the right color depending upon your skin tone. Although we don’t recommend going for seductive reds, we recommend dark shades with this one. A mix of purple, red, maroon adds to the nude feeling on the inside. A nude look on the inside accentuates the dark look on your lips. Go for this one to surprise both on the outside and the inside. ;)


Bright colors:
They say for every mood, there is a color! Colors represent your mood, nature, personality and your state of mind. Feel bright in yellow, pretty in pink, calm in blue and royal in purple. Go, get hold of all your colorful lingerie and match them up with a shade of refreshing coral lipstick.


Image credits:
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4) White lingerie:



5) Nude lingerie:


6) Bright Colors:



5 Sexy Swimwear Trends for Fall 2014
Get ready to rock these styles

Fall is here and it’s probably going to start getting cold soon. But for those of you who are headed to a warm holiday destination or a romantic getaway, it’s time to update your fall/winter swimwear wardrobe. After all, who doesn’t want to look sexy and stylish on a vacation while lounging by the beach or the pool?

This season has brought with itself a wide range of interesting and fun styles to make sure that everyone has something to pick from. From vintage polka dots to feminine laces to modern bustier styles, there is something for every woman depending on her body type and style preferences. So check out the styles for this season and get ready to rock them.

Neon colors: Neons are all over the runway this season. The bright colors continue from spring summer and are a must-have in your fall winter beach wardrobe. Whether you are opting to wear a bikini or a swimsuit, bold and bright colors such as fuchsia, bright orange, electric yellow and lime green are very eye-catching. When choosing a bikini, feel free to go wild and mix and match different separates. These colors are definitely a head turner. They will make you stand out so that all eyes are on you. The perfect color to show off that tanned body, isn’t it?


Crochet & Lace: Once upon a time in the 1950s and 1960s, crochet swimsuits were really widely used. But now crochet and lace are back with a bang. Probably one reason why they have made a comeback and are so popular are because of their delicate and feminine appeal. These pieces look flattering on all body types. You can also experiment with different colors and textures. Moreover, they lend a bohemian element to your beach ensemble. Get ready to rock this trend in style!

crochet and lace

Bustiers: The bustier bikini is probably the hottest style of 2014. What’s even sexier about it is that it is available in an array of different styles and colors. This style is great as it gives that extra lift, push and dimension to women with a smaller bustline as well as good support and coverage to those with bigger busts.


Retro pieces: The 1960s style is back and is here to stay. The uniqueness of this pattern lies in the fact that it is really versatile and is easy to sport by women of all ages. The retro look of polka dots comes in so many different colors that you are really spoilt for choice. Opt for smaller polka dots if you are apprehensive of how they would look. For the more daring ones, big polkas are the way to go. So don’t forget to get spotted in polka dots swimsuit or bikini this season!


Classic Stringini: The sexy string bikini is probably the most classic style ever. One can hardy go wrong with this particular one. It is available in multiple colors and patterns, with black color being the most common one. You could also experiment with colors and mix and match tops with bottoms.