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A Walk in the Clouds
Amazing Monsoon Getaways

They say life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rains. Often, our daily grind leaves us uninspired, makes us jaded; but somehow the rains make everything beautiful. Doesn’t it? So take a green break, go some place with abundant nature, be it misty hills or placeREAD MORE

Match or Mismatch?
Rules of underwear habits revisited

We bet, all of you of agree, including the true blue fashionistas, that it’s nearly impossible to wear matching underwear on a daily basis. ‘Coz for every one lingerie set that you buy, in all probability, you also end up buying a few extra panties either because of its value or ‘cute’ factor. And whileREAD MORE

Sexy Bedroom Secrets
Tips to spice up your nights

Single or not, if your bedroom is riddled with laundry baskets, age-old linen, with a newspaper in one corner and a wet towel in the other, then you’re in for a serious trouble. ‘Coz no one can feel sexy going to bed which looks like a warehouse! So buckle up Babydoll, doesn’t matter if you’reREAD MORE

Dangerous Curves Ahead
A guide to Shapewear

Wearing shapewear can be life changing, trust us! All those perfect celebrities with their perfect curves that you see on the red carpet is mostly the result of man-made shapewear and not god-gifted contours! So wake up and smell the high-tech fabrics that will hide those pesky pounds and will give you curves in allREAD MORE

Breathe, stretch and relax
Yoga poses for beginners

“Just Breathe… and let it go” that’s probably the foremost rule of yoga. And while our Prime Minister might be advocating it for Manav Kalyan (human well-being) and to spread the message of Sadbhavana (amity), you, as a beginner, must try yoga as a way to beat stress, to improve circulation, for flexibility and forREAD MORE