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Take Me To Paradise
Sexy Beach Destinations in India

All you Beach Bums out there, who’ve already planned or planning their next paradise getaway before the sun sets on summer and the rain gods appear, we’ve shortlisted some of the sexiest beach destinations you ought to be hitting this season! So get some fresh lime soda in your hand, maybe put on a straw hat, but more importantly get into the i-feel-sand-between-my-toes zone and scroll away!

And yes, hope your body is beach-ready ‘coz these are also one of the best bikini destinations (yes, in India!) where you get a chance to flaunt your sexy curves. So girl, are you ready?


Palolem Beach, South Goa: With its lustrous white sand and warm shallow bathing waters, Palolem is like a magical disneyland for water babies! Adorned with a zillion palm trees and sun-bright huts in dazzling yellows and brights oranges, this place is perfect to get away from your city-blues. And did we tell you it offers dolphin viewing? Oh, yes.

Perfect bikini: A vivid place like this calls for vivid colours. And there’s nothing brighter than this shocking pink halter bikini.

PrettySecrets Pink Halter Twisted Bikini


Varkala Beach, Kerala: Straight from ‘God’s Own Country’ is a sleepy li’l coastal town called Varkala, and trust us, it’s a traveller’s cocoon (especially the North cliff). At sunset, the landscape of this beach will take your breath away when you see the golden sun sinking into the sea. Besides, you’ll be spoilt for choice if you fancy an Ayurvedic massage or yoga.

Perfect bikini: A dainty floral print high-waist bikini goes perfect with this quaint Kerala town.

PrettySecrets Brown Floral High waist Bikini


Agatti Island, Lakshadweep: Getting to Lakshwadeep islands is not an easy task (you require government permission and other jazz), and it’s certainly not easy on the pocket. But if you crave to see the most crystal clear blue waters and coral reef full of colourful fish, then head to Agatti Island. In fact, this is the only island with a commercial airport where you can have an awesome view of the airstrip. FYI, this place is for solitude seekers, not party-hoppers!

Perfect bikini: A place like this should have you looking like a mysterious mermaid, and this beautiful sultry strap monokini does the trick!

PrettySecrets Sultry Wrap Monokini


Candolim Beach, North Goa: For the wild and the free, for the ones who love cold, unpredictable waves, for the ones who love salty breeze on the face, then this tropical heaven is for you. Dotted with abundant shacks who can serve up a full English breakfast with the same deftness as a traditional Goan meal, this is also the place for seafood aficionados, karaoke lovers and shopping enthusiasts.

Perfect bikini: Let your free-spirit shine through with this perfect paisley halter bikini.

PrettySecrets Multicolored Paisley Halter Bikini


Radhanagar Beach, Havelock Island: Known for its turquoise blue waters and famous for its scuba diving courses, Radhanagar (Andaman) is a backpackers paradise! You could be an adventure-junkie or a romantic soul, this place caters to both. No wonder it was bestowed with the award of ‘Asia’s best beach’ by TIME Magazine in 2004.

Perfect bikini: When the water’s so blue, shouldn’t so be your bikini? Say what, you sea-godess?!

PrettySecrets Strapless Sea Green Flounce Bikini

Sweat In Style!
Dress your best while working out!

From zumba to power yoga, hip-hop dancing to kickboxing, bootcamp workout to cardio exercises, these days the hot-new trend is to do a different kind of workout every day. While the variation definitely makes gymming more fun, it also comes with the onus of having different looks for different workouts. ‘Coz let’s be honest, who wants to be caught dressed in the usual t-shirt-and-track-pants attire when so many hot guys are swaggering around and working up a sexy sweat!

And since we totally believe that one should exercise to look good and look good exercising, we’ve shortlisted a few trendy and sporty looks (esp. bras) for different activities that we’re sure you’re going to love. Take a look.


Yoga class: Yoga is all about flexibility. That’s why it’s imperative to choose clothing that won’t interfere with your various movements (asanas). For bottoms, opt for quirky leggings which gives natural ease and lets you breathe. And since yoga is also about embracing and expressing yourself along with achieving a balanced state of mind, we’ve chosen, for you, a bright-pink bra with beautiful butterfly lace.

PrettySecrets Lurex Stripe Leggings
PrettySecrets Fuschia Sports Bra


Hardcore cardio: Treadmill, stationary bike or stair stepper, regardless of any type of cardio exercise you choose, you need the right underwear and sports bra – for absolute comfort (down under) and maximum support (up above). Our Showtime racerback sports bra is perfect for moderate impact exercises, but more than that it’s perfect for leaving a sexy impression too! Also, for the pants, keep it well-fitted in Capri style or till ankle-length – but, never-ever go baggy.

PrettySecrets Seamless Panty


Zumba fitness/ Aerobics: It’s easy to get bored with gym/yoga routine. That’s why an activity like zumba or aerobics, or any other dance workout, which is both physical and fun, can help you stay motivated to excercise. When you’re grooving to thumping, upbeat music, it’s so much fun that you don’t even realize that you’re toning your abs, thighs and arms in the process. And since this type of workout is all about fun, we’re going with funky shorts look with funkier sports bra, socks and a loose t-shirt!

PrettySecrets Beyond Sexy Black Blue Sports Bra


Bootcamp workout: Modeled on old-school military training, bootcamp workout is definitely not for the faint-hearted. From pull-ups and push-ups to lunges and crunches, you’ll be sweating it out along with the other guys (that’s hot, right?!). And since it’s an outdoor activity, you need to create a balance of tight and loose clothing for comfort and a flattering silhouette. Go for slim-fitting capri pants and bright-coloured sports bra that gives maximum support. And shoes to match!

PrettySecrets Blazing Yellow Sports Bra
PrettySecrets Berry Cargo Capris

Image Credit: https://40.media.tumblr.com/4b0764edb1b93ba6771591c252e21af2/tumblr_nk4n0sD0h21s5t3wxo1_500.jpg

Get Shorty
Style Your Denim Cut-offs

The one really cool thing about denim shorts is that they’re multi-dimensional. Whether your style is casual or polished, sporty or trendy, quirky or modish, a good pair of cut-offs has never let anyone down. Besides being a perennial summer classic, shorts are fabulously versatile and it’s something of a fashion staple that you ought to have in your wardrobe.

While you already might have your usual way of styling ‘em shorties, there are several different ways to jazz up your favourite piece of clothing. So buckle up, and take a look:


The grunge girl: Grunge style is all about wearing your clothes in careless, carefree manner. Popularised in the 90s (thanks to the rock bands), this style specifically is for the ones who’re nonchalant and has an i-care-two-hoots attitude. You can perfect this look with a quirky top, a leather jacket, a pair of boots and maybe some goth accessories!

PrettySecrets Leopard Print Back Open Strappy Top


The beach babe: Florals always look better at the beach. Bright, dramatic and full of colours, that’s the kind of top you should opt for when planning to spend your day by the seaside. And for that extra glamour, wear a bikini inside instead of a regular bra. Top it with a straw hat, slip-ons and you’re good to go!

PrettySecrets Floral Print Tie-up Shirt


At home: One word – oversized shirts! Be it plaid or plain; loose, oversized, cotton shirts are perfect for a lazy day at home. Comfort over chic, ease over complexity, when at home, you need something free-flowing, something that won’t constrict your movements regardless you’re on the couch watching TV or in the kitchen cooking your favorite dish. And yes, if you don’t have one, you can always borrow from your boyfriend! :P

PrettySecrets Black Convertible Sleeve Versatile Shirt


That party night: On days when you don’t feel like dressing up, denim shorts can come to your rescue without compromising on your style quotient. You can turn your daily look into a super glamorous one with the right party top and sexier-than-thou heels! And, of course, red hot lips and a bling-sling!

PrettySecrets Flame Orange Flirty Bling Halter Top


At swanky events: How do you wear cut-offs to an event attended by the la-di-das of the city, you ask? Well, you can (unless, of course, it’s an evening formal-attire-only occasion). Anyhoo, all you need is a picture-perfect white blazer and golden accessories for that polished, regal look. And don’t forget heels. You’re a PS girl, and you were born to tower over all the other social butterflies!

PrettySecrets Smudge Print Panel Lace Top

All Wrapped Up
Sexiest ways to tie a sarong

Whether you’re lazing by the shimmering pool or gazing into the clear blue beach, one thing that keeps you looking smokin’ and sexy out of water is a sarong! Sarong – no other single piece of fabric (except maybe a scarf) is as versatile as this cover-up. They are cute, colourful, comfortable and a must-have swim staple. Wear it on your daring one-piece swimsuit or use it as a cover-up for your sexy bikini, wear it as a long skirt or tie it like a halter dress – choice is yours!

But how to choose, and how many different ways are there to tie… well, that confusion we will clear. You can experiment with several styles, but we have shortlisted the five most sexiest ones. Each style will give you a completely new look, trust us.


Halter dress style: Effortlessly chic, this is one style you ought to master. Place the sarong behind your back so that it is perpendicular to the body. Take the corners at the opposite ends of the garment, cross it, and tie a knot above the bust line. Twist the ends of the sarong a few times and then tie the final knot at the nape of the neck. And viola, you’ve got a new beach dress to flaunt!

PrettySecrets Black Purple Graphic Print Sarong


Long skirt style: This is the perfect and the easiest style to either wear it with your daring one-piece swimsuit or your sexy two-piece bikini. Take the material and drape it around your hips. Take the top two corners of the sarong and tie a knot. Yes, it’s that simple. It is also a great style for those who are conscious of their hips.

PrettySecrets Magenta Brick Sarong
PrettySecrets Black Print Sarong


Toga (Greek) style: Old-world charm meets new-age elegance. This is a look you can try on your next romantic vacation. Hold the sarong horizontally and take one side of the garment and wrap it across the front of the body and tuck the end under the opposite armpit. Pull the first end up over the shoulder and tie it to the remaining end of the garment.


Strapless style: One way to show-off your flirty, feminine side is by going strapless! Holding the fabric length-wise, take the garment, wrap it around your back, cross the top two corners and tie a knot behind your back. If the length of the sarong is short, then it can also be tied in the front of your chest.


Side slit dress: If you’re a Fashionista, and you like to set trends than follow, then this style is made for you. Hold the garment vertically behind your back and then tie the top ends above your bust line. Gather the two sarong edges at waist level and tie another knot at the front. Then twist the waist knot to the side to turn it into a side slit dress.

Image credits:


Comin’ in Hot
Look like a Summer Goddess

Your summer outfits should be three things – bright, effortless and skin-tillating! Bright, ‘coz you don’t wanna look like a depressing gray cloud on a clear sunshiny day. Effortless, ‘coz the last thing you want for yourself is to look like the queen of messy & sweaty state of affairs. And skin-tillating, ‘coz, well, who is the ultimate summer goddess? Yes, you are!

And if you have any doubts about it, then we’re here to sort you out. From brighter-than-the-sun summer dresses to cooler-than-the-breeze tops and blouses, here are a few summer fashion pieces that you simply must have in your wardrobe this sweltering season.


The Fit and Flare Dress: This is the perfect dress to effortlessly switch between casual to semi-formal depending on whether you’re dressing for a Monday meeting or a Sunday brunch. All you need is a smart blazer to make that sexy swap. Made in soft, sheer, drapey georgette, this dress is one dress you would want to slip into it again and again and all through summer.

PrettySecrets Sage Green Fit & Flare Dress
PrettySecrets Spicy Red Fit & Flare Dress


The long, flowy maxi dress: For hot and humid days you need cool and cotton dresses. Dresses that don’t stick to you and allowing you to move freely like a summer breeze. You can wear our hottest-selling maxi dress for a dinner date or a pool side party or even just to lounge around at home, who cares? Just let the hair fall gracefully over those bare shoulders, throw in some colourful bangles and you’re good to go!

PrettySecrets Santorini print Maxi dress
PrettySecrets Black Brown Tropicanna Maxi dress


The sexiest summer top: This is going to be your go-to versatile top of the season, and the sexiest one at that! Wear it with your skinny jeans for a day at the mall, or team it with a sexy black skirt for a night-out at a club, this flirty li’l blouse will ensure you remain in the spotlight wherever you go. Besides, it’s cascading ruffles in super-soft georgette will always keep you in a happy, perky mood.

PrettySecrets Blazing Yellow Bling Halter Top
PrettySecrets Flame Orange Bling Halter Top


Tropical sundresses: TIt’s flirty, it’s girly and it’s totally cute. Our collection of beach dresses are full of surprises. From braided tassel tie ups to smocking details, from flirty v-necks to daring backs, our breezy halters are a must-have for the season full of crazy pool parties and dreamy beach getaways. Accessorise with a floppy hat to complete the tropical look.

PrettySecrets Pool Blue Beach Halter Dress
PrettySecrets Black White Halter Strapless Smocked Dress


In-demand rompers: A romper should undoubtedly be your put-it-on-and-just-go summer staple. When the heat outside is killing you, you’ll thank this fashion-piece for the ease and effortlessness it provides. It’s sexy wrap-around style combined with its quirky tribal print, makes it for a perfect daywear. You can team it up with pumps or ankle-length boots to give it a kind of boho-care-free effect.

PrettySecrets Black Tribal Ikat Print Romper
PrettySecrets Black Green Spray Print Romper

Girly. Flirty. Sexy
Summer lingerie must-haves

Summer is in full swing. The bright yellows, the pretty peaches, the passion reds, the vivid oranges…’em colours have taken over the streets, the wardrobes, the boutiques and the very souls of all the PYTs. You’ve been sporting these hues in cotton sundresses, linen pants, silk scarves, chambray skirts and what not!

While it’s great to have outfits in 50 shades of summer-colours, it’s also important to consider what you wear underneath your clothes in this hot, sultry season! You need innerwear that keeps you cozy, comfy and sweat-free without compromising on the ‘sexy’ factor. Here are a few lingerie must-haves for the upcoming warmer months.


Snug, sexy t-shirt bras: When it’s hot and humid outside, it’s only wise to wear cotton brassiere that will allow your skin to breathe. And yes, preferably without wires! Cotton is not only softer on the skin, but it’s also more comfortable than the synthetic materials. And our snug-sexy collection is designed for the same. In fact, it also has a plunging neckline, so you don’t have to worry about your low-cut t-shirts or dresses.

Colour pick: Perk up your sunny days in forest greens and sunshine yellows.

PrettySecrets Blazing Yellow Snug-Sexy Wireless Bra
PrettySecrets Grass Green Snug-Sexy Wireless Bra


Cheeky cotton panties: The hot weather is probably playing havoc with your mood, and one instant way to perk it up is by wearing panties that brings out your flirty side – and of course, a large cup of cold coffee! Just remember one thing, if you’re wearing light-coloured bottoms, make sure you put on appropriately-coloured panties… unless your intention is to show-off your friends the kind of cheeky mood you’re in!

Colour pick: Stay cool in hot pinks and pretty peach.

PrettySecrets Sexy Bikini Panty Pack


Lace lingerie set: Summer or winter, lace lingerie is a mandatory must-have for every girl. It makes you feel good, sexy and oh-so ultra feminine, no matter what day, time, or season! Not just that, studies have proved that women who wear matching bra and panty have a higher confidence rate giving them an edge over everyone else. Besides, every once in a while, you deserve to feel like a princess. So, lace it up, girls!

Colour pick: Pamper yourself with fuschia pink and sweet lime!

PrettySecrets Lime Lace Bralette
Prettysecrets Fuschia Lace Push Up Bra


Sexy Tummy Tucker: Summer season calls for summer dresses – lots and lots of it! Short and sweet, long and flowy, whatever your choice is; for that special date night, or for that fun girl’s night out, this piece will shape you up and make you look fabulous instantly.                                    Colour pick: Keep it basic with nude rose and classic black.

PrettySecrets Nude Rose Tummy Tucker
PrettySecrets Black Floral Tummy Tucker


Bra with colorful straps: In all probability, the summer season will bring out the pure whites, the pretty pastels, the soft linens and the sheer cottons from your closet. If that’s the case with you also, and you’re going to end up wearing a lot of light-coloured tops, then you must invest in bras with really vivid, colourful straps. It will make your outfit more bright and funky!

Colour pick: Jazz up your whites with royal blues and fuschia pinks.

PrettySecrets Blue Animal Allure Bra
PrettySecrets Fuschia Lace Allure Bra


Sexy Seamless panty: Seamless panties are the most comfortable and they will save you from visible panty lines (VPLs). So even if the heat leaves your dress soaked in sweat, you can be sure there will be no embarrassment.                                    Colour pick: A hot day calls for hot magenta.

PrettySecrets Pink Allure Hipster Panty

Start a Heatwave

Whether you’re working or working-out, dreaming or day-dreaming…that one burning thought, that one obsessive word is always lurking at the back of your head – BEACH! Followed by sun, sand and bikini of course! Lying on a sun-bed, with a book in one hand and a cocktail in another, that’s all you ever want to do, or would do, if you had the choice. But sadly, you don’t.

However, you do have the option to look the sexiest, the trendiest, when-ever your busy life decides to give you a break and sends you to the beach! From flirty bandeaus to sexy halters, from sassy two-piece bikinis to play one-piece swimsuits, stay ahead of your game with our brand-new collection of swimwear!


Get up and bounce: Super cute and totally flirty, this particular style has been creating waves this year – globally! Prettysecrets Flounce Bikini set is not only perfect for those who would like to hide the cleavage-boosting padding ‘coz they are smaller-chested, but it’s also ideal for girls who’re very well-endowed and would like to cover-up a li’l more! The sexy-sleek flounce design creates a shaplier bust line, without revealing too much, to beautifully compliment your upper body.

PrettySecrets White Purple Flounce Bikini
PrettySecrets Strapless Black Flounce Bikini


Bond Babe: This bright colour-blocked bikini top is for the fun and the fearless. It’s for all the sexy-sporty girls who consider the beach as their playground… bond bikini should be your go to choice! This style gives support and comfort as you would expect from a sporty-style bra and it’s equally stylish. So go ahead and get ready to channel your inner James Bond heroine with this sexy, sporty bandeau bikini.

PrettySecrets Racerback Tiffany Blue Bond Bikini
PrettySecrets Multicolour Neon Bond Bikini


Hips don’t lie: Do you have the curves that can give even Beyonce a run for her money? Are you popularly known as Fearless Fashionista? Well, then, this monokini with sultry cut-outs was made just for you. So go ahead, be brighter than the sun, be hotter than the summer and own this piece. You already have the body to show it off!

PrettySecrets Daring Plunge Red-Black Monokini
PrettySecrets Open Front Trooper Monokini


String fling: This is undoubtedly the hottest trend on the beach, on the runway and everywhere else! There’s wow factor that comes with the string-pattern combined with the summer-bright colours and that makes it worth every-penny that you spend on it! A stringy, stylish, and totally unique silhouette is what the Prettysecrets Multi-string Bikini set is all about. This is one-of-a-kind bikini top for a one-of-a-kind girl!

PrettySecrets Pop Orange Multi-String Bikini
PrettySecrets Pink Purple Multi-String Bikini

Under Wraps

Under wraps: Wrap tops are the newest sensation of this swimwear season. Although it was a hit a few years ago, it’s back by demand and how! The style is ultra sleek, ultra-stylish and only a diva like you can carry it off! The wrap gives an additional feminine look by elongating your torso and accentuating your curves. Now all you have to do is put on your sunglasses and be ready to shine like a goddess!

PrettySecrets Wine V-neck Mesh Halter Bikini
PrettySecrets Shimmer Blue Cross Wrap Bikini Set

Blog-010415 (1)
Summer Cocktails
Cocktail Recipes Inspired by Our Lingerie

Yes, you read it right. Our sunset-inspired lingerie collection got us thinking about the endless summer cocktail parties that you will be hosting (or attending) this season. And yes, we know, those evenings are going to be wild, flamboyant and full of fun… just like our fabulous intimate apparel. That’s the reason we’ve decided to bring to you some kick-ass cocktail recipes that will not only help you beat the summer heat, but it will help you beat it in style!

So invite your friends over and get ready for a refreshing dose of energy with these cool cocktails knowing they were inspired by our sexy lingerie made exclusively for you. Along with the recipes, we’ve also shared some health tips to keep you plump and hydrated this summer.

Sunset Orange

Sunset Orange: This will give you a happy high!


Ingredients: 55 ml lemon-flavored vodka, 25 ml cointreau or triple sec, A splash of lime juice, A splash of orange juice


Method: Put all of the above ingredients in a shaker. Shake well, and serve it in a tall glass rimmed with sugar. Serve it on the rocks, of course. You can garnish it with an orange slice, if you want.

Hydration tip: Have lots of fresh orange juice this summer, it helps cure sunburn. It’s one of the best source of vitamin C. It has beneficial nutrients such as minerals, vitamins, flavonoids and phytonutrients that helps balance blood pressure, lowers bad cholesterol and also reduces inflammation. Not to mention it’s antioxidant properties keeps your skin fresh and young-looking!

PrettySecrets Yellow & Orange Stringini Bikini
PrettySecrets Everyday Naughty Bikini Pack of 3

Cherry Cheers

Cherry Cheers: To add a zing to the party


Ingredients: 25 ml cherry vodka, 25 ml triple sec, A splash of cranberry juice, A splash of grenadine, Cherries to garnish


Method: Keeping cranberry juice aside, mix the rest of the ingredients in a shaker. Pour it into a glass and then top with cranberry juice. Garnish it with cherries.

Hydration tip: Cherries are extremely high in heart-healthy potassium, which regulates heart rate and blood pressure and reduces the risk of hypertension. That’s one of the reasons a bowl of plump cherries works the best post your workout session this season – on an average cherries has 80 percent of water content. What’s more, it decreases belly fat!

PrettySecrets White Cherry Print T-shirt Push Up Bra


Pineapple Peppers: This drink is for the young and daring!


Ingredients: 50 ml vodka, 60 ml pineapple juice, 10ml limejuice, Pieces of diced red, yellow bell peppers, A few pineapple chunks, Strips of bell peppers to garnish


Method: Add pieces of bell pepper and chunks of pineapple in a shaker and muddle. Add all the ingredients, add ice and shake well. Strain into a glass. Garnish it with strips of bell pepper.

Hydration tip: Juicy, tangy and sweet, pineapples are loaded with vitamin A and C, fiber, potassium and calcium. The best benefit of pineapples, according to us, is that it not only prevents hairfall and helps keep the scalp healthy but its also responsible for thick, luscious hair!

PrettySecrets Be Cheeky Spicy Bikini

Psychedelic Sling

Psychedelic Sling: To get the party started…


Ingredients: 50 ml rum, 30 ml triple sec, 60 ml orange juice, 60 ml mango juice, A dash of Grenadine


Method: Blend all the ingredients except grenadine syrup. Pour it in a glass, top with grenadine syrup and serve it with ice.

Hydration tip: Summer is synonymous with Mango – the king of fruits! So it goes without saying you’ll be gorging this fruit in its all form – as fruit, as juice, as milkshake and whatnot! But just so you know mangoes contain 25 varieties of carotenoids that helps boost immunity. And yes, they’re rich in Vitamin E which helps improve sex drive! :p

PrettySecrets Bright Yellow Cotton T-shirt Bra

Flower Power
Nail the Floral Look

Spring-Summer is here and that means only one thing – out with the winter boots and sweaters and in with the summer frocks and sandals! Whether you’re gunning for an all-out 70s bohemian look with long, flowy maxis and gladiator sandals or you’re going for 60s grace and elegance with pastel frocks and pearl earrings, there are plenty of options to choose from or mix-and-match!

All you’ve to do is choose a style that will not only suit your body type, but also your personality; and of course pick out the right accessories to nail that floral look!

60s Demure Diva – Pastel frocks and Pearls: You’re glamorous and polished to a fault. You believe that elegance is not about being noticed, it’s about being remembered. The trend in early 60s was all about hourglass-shape dresses that cinch in the waist and hips. Women in that era loved buttoned up blouses, cashmere cardigans, fake eyelashes and pearls… lots and lots of pearls!
Tip: Stay away from flowers that are black, grey or are in other dull, faded colours. Summer is the time to play with vibrant floral prints.

60s Demure Diva

70s Boho Chic – Loose, flowy maxis and long skirts: You’re a born hippie. You would rather have flowers in your hair than diamonds around your neck. Freedom of motion – that’s what defines bohemian style. Loose, comfortable clothing that has all the pure aesthetics of nature along with funky elements of fashion. Gypsy skirts, maxi dresses, peasant blouses, gladiator sandals, beaded accessories, more or less that’s what sums up the boho-chic look. Tip: If you’re petite or have a smaller frame, you should stick to small floral prints to look tall. Similarly, taller girls should opt for bigger prints.

70s Boho Chic

90s Atta Girl – Sundresses and shorts: You are who you are. You don’t mince your words. You say what you feel, you do what you want and hell yeah, you wear what you want! Gen-Y style focusses more on comfort than couture; it’s primarily about effortless style. That’s why short, playful summer dresses goes best with this look. Throw in a few oversized sunglasses, beach slip-ons and a sling bag, and you’re set for the season!
Tip: Do not even think about covering yourself in floral prints from top to toe; it’s a faux pas you don’t want to make. If you’re wearing denim shorts, go with a floral top. If you’re wearing a flowery dress, accessorise with a monochrome bag or a jacket.

90s Atta Girl

Floral head accessories: Headbands, hair clips, tic tacs, tiaras, hats… embellish your outfit with funky, floral head accessories.

Floral head accessories

Floral panties: ‘Coz every girl should feel like a pretty flower inside and out! :D

Floral panties


Dress Like a Celebrity
Sexy Style Lessons From Celebs

Do you ever turn green with blinding envy when you check out these uber-cool celebrities looking drop-dead-gorgeous strutting in their oh-so expensive designer outfits on red carpet, at movie premieres, at swanky parties, at fancy restaurants, or heck even at the airport?! Do you ever wonder how in the world do they manage to look so glamourous day in and day out? And do you ever wish, if only, you had that super-power, super-glam and super-cash?

Well, looking like your favourite style icon is not as difficult or as expensive as you think. From Kangana Ranaut to Katrina Kaif and Shraddha Kapoor to Kareena Kapoor, we’ve stolen some styling tricks from them and all you’ve to do is follow! So, ready to take a leaf from their style book? Here goes…

Day wear fashion: Going for a long, lazy brunch? A nice, simple summer dress and a pair of sunglasses is all you need. Avoid make up during the day. If tempted, just add a splash of lipstick. Accessorise with a colourful bag or chunky watch.


Wedding look: We Indians have a tendency to go overboard when it comes to dressing up for a wedding. Loud colours, bling-y ornaments, garish outfits… all of it is passé. It’s time to go for an understated look. Elegance should be the keyword. Let sari be your statement piece and you can jazz it up with graceful earrings and a matching pendant.


Airport look: Cool, casual and comfortable… three things you should keep in mind while travelling by air. Of course, that doesn’t mean you wear your pajamas to the airport. Traveling doesn’t mean compromising your style, it means finding a good balance between chic and comfort. What works best is cool leggings, a simple tee and boots!

Airport Look

Desi girl look: The perfect way to accentuate your femininity is with well-tailored anarkalis and flowy patialas. The idea is to look effortless and yet eye-catching. Chunky earrings and colourful bangles are a must to complete this look.

Desi Look

Little Black Dress: A girl’s wardrobe is incomplete without a LBD. If it’s a formal occasion then sparkle the outfit with a chic pearl set. If it’s an informal one, then funk it up with a colouful clutch.

Black Dress Look

Workout look: Gone are the days when people hit the gym with ordinary, old-looking track pants and t-shirt. Yes, working out is more important than your attire but not at the cost of you looking fugly. Just go online, and you’ll find a variety of sports bras and sweat pants and in different colours and style. Always remember, exercise to look good and look good exercising!

Work out