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Breathe, stretch and relax
Yoga poses for beginners

“Just Breathe… and let it go” that’s probably the foremost rule of yoga. And while our Prime Minister might be advocating it for Manav Kalyan (human well-being) and to spread the message of Sadbhavana (amity), you, as a beginner, must try yoga as a way to beat stress, to improve circulation, for flexibility and forREAD MORE

Singing in the Rain
All Day Lounge Playlist

It’s that time of the year again… when the smell of the water hitting the parched earth fill your lungs with happiness and your ears with music! It’s that time of the year when you would love to just laze around in your house, in your pjs, sipping hot coffee and gorging on mom-made bhajiyasREAD MORE

It’s Raining Style
Monsoon Fashion Staples

Never, ever let the monsoon dampen your style spirit. Yes, along with the beautiful rains comes the flooded streets, mucky roads, high humidity, but so does the chance to wear colorful gumboots, short skirts, funky leggings and beautiful, romantic weather! So come rain or shine, whether on a long drive to a hill station orREAD MORE

Fly in Style
Dos and Don’ts of Airport Fashion

Airport fashion may not be a serious business, but that definitely doesn’t mean it gives you the liberty to show up at the terminal in a fugly sweatsuit with a foolish satisfaction that at least your pink pants match your pink shoes! Ugh, NO! A PS girl would rather amp up her style than compromiseREAD MORE

Colour My Personality
What your fave colour says about you!

Every girl has a favourite colour! In fact, for all we know, you probably have had one since the time you started crawling on all fours and even with your limited knowledge you could stop right in your tracks to lift your tiny li’l chubby hand and point towards the sky exclaiming “blue”! Yes, almostREAD MORE