Panty Personality

What your underwear says about you? Underneath her clothes she’s hiding her secret identity, like most girls do! A part of our feminine mystique is tucked away in our lingerie drawer, admit it. No one knows what mood do you hide except for you (and maybe your partner). Mind you, we’re not underwear psychologists (wink),READ MORE

Sugar and Spice
Quiz: What type of a girl are you in a relationship?

Are you hopelessly romantic or someone with her head on her shoulder? Are you the kind of a person who stands up for yourself, or are you a pushover? Are you a giver or a taker in a relationship? Find out your relationship personality by taking this quiz, along with style tips to match yourREAD MORE

Power Me Up
Power Me Up Pre & Post Workout Recipes

A lot of us have a good workout routine, but are more or less clueless about what to eat to refuel and recover pre and post workout. Either that, or you stick to boring energy bars and bananas. The key is to have a mixed bag of good carbs, healthy fats and protein so thatREAD MORE

Swim. Style. Shape
The sexiest swimsuit guide for your body type!

Your BFF just excitedly called you with an impromptu beach getaway plan and you said ‘yaaass’! But nothing can kill a beach-buzz faster than realising you’ve an ill-fitting swimsuit that’s not going to flatter you or fetch you any compliments! Worry not. We’re here to resolve the frustration that comes with swimsuit shopping. From hourglassREAD MORE

Top That!
The right bras to match your top

Let’s guess one of your biggest pet-peeves – you’ve got some cutest and the sexiest tank tops for summer but don’t have the right bra to go with it! Let’s admit it, what lies beneath matters. Nothing is worse than having your bra show through a top, unless the style demands it. From halters andREAD MORE